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21 January 2011

Four More Tips for Using Social Media in Job Hunting

5 Tips to Keep Your Head Above Water with Social Media
by Laura Click, founder of Blue Kite Marketing
Guest post on the blog of Dr Shannon Reece
21 December 2010
I’m at a turning point in my approach to job hunting. The referenced article (above) reinforced my decision. The article aims at a wide audience (points #3 and #5 have the most value for me), so I'd like to apply it more narrowly to my comrades in the unemployment line.
  1. Perfect your profile. Your profile on an SM site is your resume. Make sure it shines when recruiters find it.
  2. Search for the best way to locate open positions. Learn to use Twitter’s search function and to find job announcements in LinkedIn groups.
  3. I get a lot of self esteem from helping people by answering questions, but the ROI is zero. Figure out what activities do and do not get you interviews.
  4. The recommended half day is way too much time to put into social media. Allocate more than a half hour only to activities that produce leads.
Social Media and job-hunting experts have repeatedly told me to use SM to help people so somebody will notice and help me. I give up on that. Or, at least, I’m going to apply that advice a lot more narrowly.

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