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30 June 2013

Transferring Domains between Domain Registrars

When Microsoft abandoned its web site service, my daughter and I had to find another provider.  The new provider wanted us to get an EPP code from the old registrar.  Microsoft had used the registrar Melbourne IT.  I obtained a code that sounded like what the new registrar wanted and sent it to them. 

The new registrar did not reply, so I interpreted that as a success.

A year later, the Melbourne IT began sending notices that our registration was about to expire.  This was unsettling, but I assigned the issue a low priority because I "knew" the new registrar had transferred the domain.  I was wrong.

Eventually, just to verify what I "knew," I checked.  The old registrar still held the registration.

Through some back-and-forth with the new registrar, I found that they had failed to notify me that the code I sent was not the correct code.

Back at Melbourne IT's site, I could not find an EPP code.  I finally left them a message asking for it.  Later, I found that they called it by a different name.

This was the short version of the story.  Most of it had repeated elements.  I am not happy with the new registrar's service.

Here are some hints to save you headaches.
  • You can learn about EPP codes under Transfer Secret on Wikipedia.
  • The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (hence "EPP"), which defines Transfer Secrets, is maintained by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). 
  • The correct term is AuthInfo Code or Auth-Info code.
  • Your registrar service may call it
    • Auth code
    • Authinfo
    • AuthInfo
    • Auth-Info
    • Authorization code
    • Domain auth code
    • Domain name password
    • Domain password
    • EPP authentication code
    • EPP authorization code
    • EPP code
    • EPP Key
    • EPP Password
    • Transfer key
    • Transfer secret

Copyright 2013, Richard Wheeler -- Permission granted for non-profit or personal use with a link to this post.
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  1. After a long search got an article which gave us detailed information about domain name registrar transfer. The list of the different name of auth code for transfer is good. I know any registrar don't want to loose a single domain and most of them made domain transfer process a little hard for non-technical to understand.

    1. I agree. Changing the terminology just to make things hard is dishonest.