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02 October 2010

Correcting Thoughts that Limit Your Career Development Careers and Worklife
Posted September 30, 2010 at 2:14 pm
Downloaded 2 October, 2010

Excellent article, but the style is appropriate for print, not for the web. I strongly advise unhappy workers to read the linked post. I offer, however, this abstract to make the reading a bit easier.
The #1 barrier to achieving career success is you.  You stand way of your own success with negative distortions. It is impossible to think negatively and have healthy career development. These eight thought patterns can derail your future.

1. Absolute Thinking about your job or about yourself.

2. Blaming someone, something, or yourself.

3. Over-generalizing past failures into a future failure or into a failed life.

4. Negative Thinking, a self-fulfilling inner dialog of gloom and doom.

5. Discrediting positive accomplishments, strengths, achievements, attribute.

6. Forecasting that the worst will happen.

7. Over-exaggerating the importance of negatives to the exclusion of positives.

8. Self-Sabotaging creates mental barriers that manifest themselves in negative words and self-defeating behaviors.

All your career problems are in your head, and fortunately, that’s where all the solutions are.
The author explains the negative patterns and gives advice about positive steps to take. My favorite was this:
If you wouldn’t call your kids or your friends a loser, then don’t say it to yourself. Ask yourself, “What advice would you give to your kids or best friend?” Take that advice yourself and model the way for others.

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